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Oceans are essential to human survival and prosperity. Currently only about 3% of our oceans are protected. Less than 2% is strongly protected in "no-take" reserves—places where no one is allowed to extract fish, oil or other resources. This is not enough to safeguard marine biodiversity! Marine scientists recommend strong protection of at least 30-40% of our oceans to save marine life from extinction.

Marine Conservation Institute's goal is to establish strong protection for at least 30% of every marine habitat in each ocean bioregion by 2030. Through the implementation of our largest initiative, the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES), we plan to protect marine life in the face of unprecedented climate change and human impact. GLORES is a strategic, science-based way to enable marine life to recover and foster resilient marine ecosystems.

Help us protect the ocean! When you donate to GLORES, you'll be a part of the growing team working to incentivize strong protection for marine life! What's more, you'll be protecting the living, breathing lungs of our planet.